The association, which today has about a hundred members, devotes itself to several objectives.

Most of the proposed activities (outings, conferences) aim to

* Uncover those places that inspired Rosa Bonheur, where she lived and painted

* Visit those museums and exhibitions that present her works

* Render accessible those works that are not currently exhibited, but rest in museum reserves.

More broadly, the association also proposes to discover the period in which Rosa Bonheur lived, the artists which inspired her, the circles in which she moved and other art or science which can shed light on this extraordinary personality.

In addition, the association sees certain missions for itself: The works of Rosa Bonheur are scattered over museums and private collections in France, Europe and the United States and there is a need to catalogue her works.

As soon as the association was founded, research was started on many aspects of the life and

work of Rosa Bonheur. The Association has a duty to share this knowledge with all those who

are interested in this painter, seizing every opportunity to address the widest audience through:

* Conferences on Rosa Bonheur

* Participation in fairs, exhibitions and forums.

* Production of documents – in the near future

The association attaches great importance to any potential collaboration in the pursuit of its goals: With other associations, public institutions, …

This website will allow us to forge links with people interested in reviving the memory of this exceptional painter.

The Association further contributes to exhibitions of animal paintings and sculptures and counts amongst its members several artists who know how much they owe to Rosa Bonheur and her extraordinary talent to faithfully represent the animals in her works.